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American Fit

The textile company, Valgroup International, grew by providing full manufacturing services to other brands. With a monthly capacity of 45,000 garments and exporting to destinations such as the US, Canada, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, our own brand “American Fit” is launched.

Segmented in golf players, an outfit is created specialized in demanding buyers who choose Pima cotton for their comfort and ease of use and also the polyster garments.

The technology in the fabrics tends to be a factor of competition at the highest level to practice the sport. golf.

These carefully selected fibers are transformed into exclusive garments, not only for golfers but also for high-performance athletes or amateurs who will need body protection technology with UV filters, antiperspirants and raincoats.

Also the quality of cotton provides all the softness, firmness and adaptability necessary for daily activities. With American Fit you will enjoy every moment and the freedom of your movements, without losing your style and always being respectful with the planet.

Wearing American Fit means feeling movement, loving freedom and choosing progress.

Our Fabrics Beginning

Our fabrics are born in Peru, with Pima Cotton technology that gives rise to high-performance fabrics.

Pima cotton is originally from Peru and, thanks to the excellent natural conditions of the cultivated fields located in the north of that country and the hand-harvested system that does not damage the fiber and reduces the carbon footprint, it is classified as one of the best cottons in the world.

Pima Cotton

The main difference lies in the length of the cotton fiber, Pima cotton is an extra long fiber that measures 38 to 41 mm while other fibers only reach between 20 and 32 mm.

This characteristic makes Pima cotton softer to the touch and more durable than other types of cotton. The combination of its softness, resistance and durability makes this variety of cotton the most valued among luxury textile brands worldwide.


Soft, anti-snag fabric that prevents pilling, with a tangle-free textured finish. 4-way stretch construction moves well in any direction. The material absorbs sweat and dries very quickly. Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. UPF 50 protection protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Wrinkle and Stain Resistant.

Recycling Jersey

Yarns in special blends Melange Heather and Ecru
CARDED or COMBED in various colors and compositions.

Fabric with the same technical characteristics as any other
virgin polyester fabric or cotton fabric. The main difference is that it is obtained from recycled fibers, thus contributing to a lower environmental impact in its manufacture.

Designed in America

Made with 100% Pima Cotton